Monitor JDBC Performance

JDbMonitor is a tool to monitor & analyse database performance for any Java application.

Easily determine your application's database performance and analyse problems down to specific SQL statement.

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JDbMonitor v1.1 is available for FREE!
There is no license keys, expiry dates or 'professional versions'. JDbMonitor is now a completely free and effective tool to identify SQL queries that slows down your Java applications.

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Why Use It?
  • This is the FASTEST AND EASIEST way to see what's happening underneath the hood of your Java application's database connections
  • It can be used to troubleshoot performance issues in production systems to uncover database bottlenecks
  • Constantly keep an eye on your applications for slow SQL statements that can potentially cause problems
  • Find out exactly what SQL statements are executing in your Java application
  • Determine database bottlenecks during development & testing phases to identify areas to improve and SQL statements to optimize
  • No more writing System.currentTimeInMillis() between your JDBC calls to capture SQL timing information
  • No more going through lines and lines of text based SQL log files to analyse SQL timing information

How does it work?

  1. JDbMonitor sits between your Java application and the application's JDBC driver.
  2. Intercepts communication between Java application and the underlying JDBC driver.
  3. GUI client is used to analyse and filter database activities.


JDbMonitor v1.1 released - JDbMonitor is now available for free.

JDbMonitor v1.0 released - JDbMonitor is a tool to monitor performance of SQL statements in any Java/J2EE application without code changes.

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What is JDbMonitor?
  • It is a simple to use GUI application to find JDBC bottlenecks and slow SQL queries in Java applications.
Key Features
  • Real time monitoring of SQL execution
  • Works with any application that uses JDBC
  • Effective GUI to analyse SQL performance data
  • No code change required
  • Suitable for monitoring production systems
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